Roxanne Kennedy, DSW, LCSW, Chief Executive Officer, Beacon PA HealthChoices

Executive leader in publicly funded behavioral health care services specializing in health care policy and programs, specialty managed care services and integration of care.


  • Doctorate of Clinical Social Work
    University of Pennsylvania
  • Bachelor and Masters of Social Work
    Temple University


  • An advocate for, and support of, the Pennsylvania HealthChoices program by serving as the leader of the Pennsylvania team, ensuring our members are receiving quality behavioral health care with quick access to high quality care that is both effective and efficient.
  • Over 30 years of experience in providing leadership in publicly funded behavioral health services developing policy and programs, leading large Medicaid programs, and providing direct clinical care.
  • Expertise in designing and implementing publicly funded behavioral health programs. Extensive knowledge of state and federal laws governing public behavioral health care. Experience in leading significant change within a state’s mental health and addiction programs’ funding practices, aligning the Medicaid benefit to cover services that address the opioid epidemic within that state by increasing the federal financial participation for Medicaid members with substance use disorders.
  • Extensive research on effective integration of behavioral and physical health care to meet the needs of individuals with Serious Mental Illness in Medicaid programs.